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 Tiers & Ranks

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PostSubject: Tiers & Ranks   Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:39 pm


[E-RANK || Civilian Class]

The civilian class comprises of those, who have no means of fighting against a shinobi, and who would be easily subdued by any of the other ranks - this category would include non-shinobi citizens of countries, daimyō and a shinobi student, that has yet to complete their training in Academy or under their master. They often possess no unique skills or abilities, but one shouldn't go making assumptions about their level of threat. There is only two sub-groups to this class.

  • Average Student [Tier E-2] - You're a beginner, just having taken your first steps as a shinobi-in-training, and

This tier only exist as a reference in roleplay, and characters don't actually have to start from here, unless the player specifically wants to develop their character from here.

[D-RANK || Genin Class]

The genin class has the largest variability in power, out of all the tiers, but most of the members of this class often make their living as a genin, despite the aforementioned fact. These are generally the lowest officials in the hierarchy of their organization, but

even though are branded under a single header-

[C-RANK || Chūnin Class]

[B-RANK || Special Class]

[A-RANK || Elite Class]

[S-RANK || Legend Class]

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Tiers & Ranks
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