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 Model Thread 1

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PostSubject: Re: Model Thread 1   Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:09 pm


The character rules are regulations, that apply mainly to characters - their creation process, abilities and use in roleplay . and which do not hold any significance in out-of-character. These rules are change more often than the general rules are, but all changes will be listed in updates.

I. Character Limit: We allow you to start out with two free characters. By earning currency, you will be able to buy additional character slots, thus allowing you to have as many characters as you wish - given that you're active enough with your current characters to afford another slot.

II. Clan Limit: You cannot have multiple character in one clan, and in addition to this, you are allowed to have one character in a single major clan per village - in other words, if you have a Senju, you cannot apply for an Uchiha. There may only be three major clans in a major village, and preferably less in a minor village; the number of members of major clans is limited, and thus, we encourage members to primarily apply to lesser clans. See more in Clan Registry guidelines.

III. Village Limit: You're not allowed to have more than three characters in the same village, because we want the activity to be distributed to equally to all factions. We encourage the members to create shinobi for the minor villages, and remind you, that the staff will place bans on more populated villages, if we see that our goal of equal distribution of activity needs to be enforced.

IV. Special Character Limit: The special characters include the Kage of the village, a Jinchuuriki and a Sage, which is defined as someone with any skill in Senjutsu. Out of these three, you're only allowed to have two - so if you have a Kage and a Jinchuuriki, you may not apply for a Sage, and neither can you apply for another Kage or Jinchuuriki. In addition, you cannot apply to any of these positions before you've been an active member for at least a month, and you already have at least one actively played character on the site.

V. Bloodline Limit: Bloodline abilities, be they kekkei genkai or hiden, are not a common phenomenon in Naruto universe, and thus, the staff will limit their number, if the need arises - more in this can be found in the Guidelines. Additionally, no character can have two different bloodline abilities, even if their parents have different bloodlines - in this case, the dominant gene will override the weaker - nor can a character have a bloodline ability and a bijuu.

VI. Element Limit: The nature transformations are limited in number per character, and under no circumstance can a character have five elements under their control, and most characters are expected to stick to a maximum of two - more on this can be found in the Guidelines. All advanced elements are always passed down as a bloodline ability, and are exclusive to that bloodline - ex. Yuki clan & Ice Release.

VII. Name Limit: The names of characters should be Japanese. The staff may or may not make an exception to this rule, when we feel like it. Also, please avoid using a name, that another character already has, for the sake of not being confused - this is not a rule, but an encouragement.


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Model Thread 1
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